Canada Scholarships for International Students
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Canada Scholarships for International Students

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Canada is a famous place for international students looking to study abroad. There are several scholarships available to support them, and they offer a wide range of educational opportunities for international students. The country also provides generous financial assistance to those who wish to pursue higher studies in its universities. This article discussed Canada scholarships for international students, so read on.

Canada Scholarships for International Students

The Canadian government offers many scholarships that can be applied for by international students. These scholarships provide financial aid to needy students from different countries. Some of these scholarships include:

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University of Calgary Graduate awards

The University of Calgary offers this scholarship. It is open to international students who plan to complete their master’s degree or Ph.D. program at this university. The award amount depends upon the student’s academic performance.

The school requires applicants to submit an application form and two letters of recommendation. also, they should also attach proof of financial need.

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University of Waterloo International Master’s award

The school awards this scholarship annually to outstanding international graduate students enrolled at the University of Waterloo. You must meet certain requirements to qualify, such as completing your bachelor’s degree in any discipline. also, you will need to score at least 80% in all courses taken during your undergraduate years.

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You will receive a scholarship worth $25,000 per year for three years. This amount includes tuition fees, living expenses, books, and other expenses related to studying in Canada.

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Canadian Government Scholarship Program (CGS)

They established this program in 1965 to help international students earn post-secondary education in Canada. The CGS covers tuition fees, books, and living expenses, and it is not limited to specific programs.

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However, students who apply through the CGS website must fill out an online application form. They also need to submit a personal statement along with the application form.

Students who qualify for the CGS can choose between five different types of awards. Each type of award is given based on the applicant’s field of study. For instance, if you wish to study engineering, then you will get a grant of $10,000. If you want to study medicine, then you will receive $20,000.

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Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to deserving students worldwide, and the Trudeau Foundation offers them. applicants should have a minimum GPa of 3.0. They should also be willing to pursue higher education.

You need to send a letter of intent, a resume, and transcripts of previous academic work to apply for this scholarship.

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Canadian Student Loans Program (CSLP)

CSLP is one of the most famous scholarships available for international students. The CSLP gives financial assistance to needy students. However, the loan amount depends on the family income.

There are three categories under which the loans are given. These include a general loan, which is for students studying full time at the undergraduate level. The other two are the part-time loan for students studying part-time at the undergraduate level and the postgraduate loan for students pursuing post-graduate programs.

However, students must meet certain eligibility criteria before applying for this scholarship. They should first apply for federal student loans. Then, they will be able to apply for provincial student loans.

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Scholarship Canada

This is another scholarship scheme offered by the Canadian government. This scholarship encourages international students to pursue higher education in Canada. Moreover, the scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses.

However, the applicant must have had their bachelor’s degree from any recognized institution outside Canada. They should also have graduated within the last five years. The scholarship is awarded based on merit. Moreover, the selection process involves a test and an interview.

International Education Exchange Scholarship

The scholarship is for international students who want to study in Canada. This is a scholarship scheme that the Government of British Columbia offers. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between the people of Canada and other countries.

However, applicants should hold a valid passport and visa. They should also have a minimum GPa of 3.0 out of 4.0.

They should submit a letter of acceptance from the host university. Moreover, they should submit proof of financial need, a copy of their current academic transcript, application fee receipt, two letters of reference, official invitation letter from the host university. Lastly, the applicant must present an acceptance letter from the host university.

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The Canadian government has launched several scholarships for international students. These scholarships aim to help needy students from abroad. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and even living expenses. However, you must ensure that your application stands out from the rest. So, it’s essential to follow every step. Good luck!

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